Welcome to Yeshá Ministries Taekwondo

Yeshá Ministries is an Olympic and AAU sanctioned Taekwondo organization. There are no monthly fees for classes, so anyone can participate. We give our time and energy to those willing to learn. Our goal is to offer balanced training so each person may reach their full potential through:

Physical Training:  The healthy conditioning of our bodies.
Mental Training:   The discipline of our minds and lifestyles.
Spiritual Training:  The strengthening and enlightenment of the individual.

Another element that sets us apart from other martial arts schools is our cost.  Yeshá Ministries has and will continue to be a place of service rather than profit.  Since the inception of the ministry, no instructor has been paid for training services. There is no monthly cost for students.  Students pay $35.00 annually.  Students are responsible for purchasing their uniforms ($36.95), which can be purchased through our Yesha Store.  Finally students pay a testing fee ($45.00) when testing for their next belt.  The testing fee does include their belt. 

For further information about Yeshá Ministries please visit our "What We Do" page.


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