Yeshá Baldwin

The Baldwin school is unique for three reasons: First, its size. There is an average of about 10 to 15 people in the class. This is beneficial for more direct training from the instructors and allows them to focus on more details with each individual student. We feel a student that attends Baldwin gets more “one on one time” than any other Yeshá School because our three black belts try to improve the technique and discipline of the individual. The instructors spend time helping students correct their flaws and show them the proper technique to execute. The instructors are hard at times but help push each student do the best that he or she can.

Third, we have a heritage that is only rivaled by one other Yeshá school. From Baldwin have come two Master Instructors – Andrew Robertson and Mark Sadusky, more than any other school has produced. We have also been the school who sent out instructors to start other schools. Our 17 years of continuous service as a Yeshá Ministries school allows us to be a part of just about every facet of Yeshá History. For that we are grateful and give the glory to God for keeping our “good thing” going for so long.

Come visit our school and get the individual attention you need for success. You may join some students who have commented that the Baldwin school has a good workout routine which most of the time wears the students out before class is over.

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Yeshá Baldwin (Baldwin United Methodist Church)
51 South Chestnut Street
Baldwin, FL 32234

Class Times:

Monday/Thursday 6:30-8:00p.m. 

Lead Instructor:

Michelle Smith, 2nd Dan

(904) 398-5494

Class Administrator:

Robert Johnston

(904) 786-0958